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Private Helicopter Rental Prices in Canterbury, Kent

When you are thinking about luxury travel, or even an impressive entrance to your wedding, nothing really surpasses the idea of flying in a helicopter.

HelicopterHire.com is one the UK’s best helicopter charters when looking for competitive hire, with a wide range of drop-off locations including Canterbury. Scale the vertical heights with one our trusted pilots and you can peer down at the famous Canterbury Cathedral, track the winding canals through the city and appreciate the impressive grounds of the castles. A city crammed with heritage and history, hiring a helicopter will enrich your time in Canterbury, giving you and your family,  friends or partner, a unique perspective that you will treasure.

Though some people think about Rolls Royce and Range Rovers when talking about luxury rentals, what you should be thinking about is helicopters. We aim to make helicopter hire more accessible to everyone. Our diverse portfolio of aircrafts, both single and twin-engine helicopters, and a catalogue of providers mean our services and pricing are competitive. We have flown brides on their wedding day, budding students for graduation and groups of employees for corporate events. Why waste time being stuck in traffic in a rental, when you can gaze on them from above in your helicopter?

For a free no obligation quote, the only details we will need from you are:

  • Dates and times you wish to travel   
  • Desired pick-up and drop-off points   
  • Number of passengers   
  • Occasion for hire   
  • Type of helicopter (single or twin engine)   
  • Budget   

With our passionate travel advisors at hand for you, do not hesitate to contact us. Whether you have a set journey prepared for a bride-to-be or are curious to know about the different flight options available to you, get in touch.

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