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Private Helicopter Charter Services in Newcastle

Acknowledged as one of the most glamourous ways to travel, helicopter hire is becoming increasingly known for its tours and glamour. This is why we at are happy to share our years of experience in the luxury transport industry with the residents and visitors of Newcastle Upon Tyne. With numerous things to see and do in the location, Newcastle Upon Tyne is continuing to be one of the most aesthetically amazing areas of the UK, attracting all ages and cultures to its landmarks and monuments.

View Newcastle Upon Tyne’s landmarks in luxury

With some of the most globally-recognized landmarks situated in Newcastle Upon Tyne such as, Newcastle Castle, The Quayside, Heaton Park and Jesmond Dene Park, its architecture is something that can really only be appreciated from up high. With this in mind, our helicopter pilots are thrilled to offer you the experience of a lifetime, with a bird’s eye view of Newcastle Upon Tyne being truly unmatched.

Our helicopters are commonly booked for weddings, corporate events and birthdays, though we can provide a tour of Newcastle Upon Tyne regardless of the occasion.

Luxurious aircrafts

We at are renowned for our luxury and choice, and so are confident to adhere to your individual travel needs. We have a substantial fleet of aircrafts for you to choose from for your trip, so whether you are travelling individually or as a group, we are sure to have something right up your street. All of our single and twin-engine aircrafts are equipped with high end, luxurious seats, ensuring unparalleled comfort.

Regardless whether you wish to travel to a helipad in the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne, the outskirts, or need us to craft a tour route for you; be sure to take a look at our website for more details.

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