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Prom Transport - How about a helicopter?

With the humble UK prom having evolved somewhat, the transport industry has had no choice to step up, ensuring the high-end vehicle market can accommodate the prom attendees and school-leavers on all major UK prom dates. Here at, we have invested heavily in our fleet solely for this reason, with more and more students opting for helicopter and private jet hire when leaving school and college.

Wanting to impress and outshine fellow students, the UK prom is now all about the excessive, with designer dresses, hairstylists, make-up and spray tans all viewed as essentials.

The all-important entrance

Although the trip to the venue is simply gorgeous, no matter what route you take, this is not the sole purpose people are hiring helicopters for prom. It is in fact the all-important entrance that encourages boys and girls to get so lavish, wanting to exit high school, college or university in true fashion. Being the talk of the school for many years to come, many see hiring a helicopter as more of an investment than anything else, ensuring their legacy lives on long past the time they left school.

Travel with friends

Offering competitive rates on many different sized helicopters, we at have been helping prom attendees, offering 2, 4, 6 and 8-seater helicopters all over the UK. With such a large selection to choose from, we have experience in flying both small and large friendship groups to prom, with the bigger the group, the more fun the experience becomes.

As well as sharing memories with more people, travelling with a group also enables you to split the price per head, making it more cost-effective for everyone.

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