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Helicopter Hire

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Private helicopter hire for special events

While traditionally thought to be reserved for the rich and elite, helicopter hire is fast becoming a popular mode of transport, with many more brits investing in high-end air travel, but why? Well, according to many sources, we are now all about living in the 'here and now', eager to try new experiences and live life to the fullest. With helicopter hire being such a timeless mode of transport, never going out of fashion, here are just a few reasons why we hold the helicopter in such high regard.

Inject a touch of panache into your event

Where there are so many car, limo and boat brands out there, all boasting their own qualities, all helicopters are admired, with the vehicle itself being an iconic symbol of success and wealth. Due to these qualities, helicopter hire has become much in demand for important events across the UK, utilized constantly for the following:

  • Weddings

  • Business trips

  • Business launches

  • Religious festivals

  • school proms

  • Birthday parties

In addition to panorama windows, those lucky enough to travel in a helicopter enjoy their own headsets when in the air, permitting them to communicate with one another, as well as their pilot.

Getting from A to B

Helicopters are wonderfully versatile flying machines, great for those looking to swerve the traffic as well as people that simply want a bit of exclusivity when travelling across the country. With an ability to get from A to B devoid of such hazards the UK roads present, reasons to hire a helicopter contains much more than for the power of status. It is not just the lack of other vehicles that make traveling by helicopter a time-saving solution, with the average flying speed of a helicopter varying between 95 and 145 mph. Cutting travelling time by a third, on average, a helicopter can get you to a destination a lot quicker than any form of road transportation.

See the city from a different perspective

Whether you are looking for helicopter hire in London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester or even Edinburgh, from the sky you will see you favorite cities in a completely different light, permitted to absorb the glories and landmarks of such areas while you are en route.

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