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Helicopter Hire

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Private Helicopter Hire Prices in Wolverhampton

At, we know the struggle of staggering through the streets too well. Nobody wants to be trapped in gridlock traffic, even in the nicest of cars. Instead, why not take the skies with our exceptional helicopter hire service? As those moving sluggishly below look up enviously at your ride, you’ll be gliding through the air in one of our stylish helicopters. With an option of impressive single or twin-engine aircrafts, the sky really is the limit when working with us.

Hiring a helicopter is any event: a fitting voyage for a bride-to-be, a glamorous entrance for a prom date or even a unique day trip to explore the area of Wolverhampton. From above you can enjoy your eagle eye view of the city, look down on the gold and black of the Molineux Stadium and bask in the green of West Park. With years of experience in the luxury transport sector, we really are the only helicopter hire operator to consider, catering for all budgets and occasions.

With a passion for transport and luxury, we have developed a wealth of experience and a catalogue of helicopters over the years, providing exceptional experiences for our customers all over the UK.

Whether you have a set route in mind across the city, or would like to speak to our transport advisors for assistance when planning your hire, give us a call or email and let us assist you. We know Wolverhampton like the back of our hand, so let us get you from A to B in style.

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